Hotel Rumi Punku
Calle Choquechaca, 339
Cuzco, Cusco, Peru
+51 84221102
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Hotel Rumi Punku

You find us in walking distance from most of the important places, only 300 meter from Plaza de Armas. We are part of the historic Cusco, and placed in a dead end street which assures you tranquility during your stay with us.

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The name Rumi Punku comes from Quechua:

  • Rumi means stones.
  • Punku means door or entrance.

Our doorway is certainly of Inca construction, and the double Jamb indicates that it was once the entrance to a very sacred place; in this case, the original purpose is unknown. The Inca doorway is considered a Historic Monument of the City of Cusco by INC (National Institute of Culture). Today this doorway welcomes you.

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Inside you will find colonial buildings around two courtyards, and in the back; facing a beautiful Inca wall, you find a peaceful garden.We have a new Cafeteria with a light atmosphere, and a panoramic view towards San Blas.In our lounge you find a fireplace. Here you can relax and watch TV or enjoy a game of chess, darts or internet. You can also relax and enjoy the view over Cusco from one of ours two terraces.