Hotel Rumi Punku
Calle Choquechaca, 339
Cuzco, Cusco, Peru
+51 84 221102
+51 84 242741
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Hotel Rumi Punku

Hotel Rumi Punku is located in the historic center of Cusco, just 05 minutes from the main square and next to the traditional neighborhood of San Blas, in Choquechaca Street.


The entrance of the Hotel is an Inca building, being one of the most beautiful and classic entrees of Inca period in Cusco.

It has double Jamba and a double lintel which walls have a double corner angle feature found only on rare opportunities, it’s a synonymous of nobility, superiority or importance of a house, logically linked to the unmistakable stamp of the Inca architecture:The trapezoidal inclination, that’s the reason why the Hotel name is “Rumi Punku”,(Quechua´s word) which means Stone Door in English translation.

It was a XVI Century Colonial House which has around 03 courtyards, 02 water fountains, and in the back yard facing a beautiful Inca wall, you will find a peaceful garden.

The property represents three times: Inka for the entree and the garden walls, Colonial because the time of construction of the House was in XVI Century and Modern as we run a tree star hotel.


In 1992 the House was bought by a Cusquenian citizen neighbor who was born in Choquechaca. 11 years ago it was as a cozy hostel with 08 single rooms, and then the owner decided to transform the place conserving Inca’s vestiges and maintaining the Colonial Style of XVI Century.


Under a hard work, now we are a Three Star Hotel, recognized by the Tourism Office (Dirección Regional de Turismo) as one of the best Hotels of Three Stars in Cusco; winning the Q’ente Prize to Best Tourism Quality 2010 – 2011 – 2012 – 2014.